Estimating Software Guide

There are many different type of software estimating package for made to order manufacturing Made to order manufacturing includes any custom job shop type work including sheet metal, machining, wood working, stamping, press work, printing which all require customized quotes.   Quotes include both operation and bill of material.  Below you will find a checklist of items to look for while you are reviewing estimating software packages.   ERP solution providers should provide as a minimum the items shown below in order estimate most efficiently with the most accurate costing results.

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MIE Solutions provides a set of products from quoting and estimating through full ERP solutions with document managent.

Manage Request For Quotes (RFQ’s)
Request For Quote History
Request For Quote Workflow
PDF, Email Quote Letters To Buyer
Approval Workflow Process For Request For Quotes
Quotes Multiple Quotes Per Item Master
Exploded Bill Tree On Screen
Handles Millions Of Quotes
Handles Assemblies with 100000 Items
Compare Quotes
Compare Quotes
Combine Quotes To Create An Assembly
Merging Of Common Setups During Assembly Calculations
Multiple Quantity Quotes Handling Optimized Build Quantity
Document Attachments
Multiple Reports
Operations Customized Operations
Operation Formulas
Operation Lookup Tables
Unique Rates Per Operation
Speed and Feed Tables
Bill Of Material Raw Materials Handling Dimensional characteristics
Blank Size Calculator
Scrap Calculator
Multiple Breakout Prices
Hardware Items
Outside Processing Items
Miscellaneous Vendor Quotes
Part Numbers and Descriptions > 64 Characters
Unlimited Length Comments

Author: MIE Solutions

David Ferguson has over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and fabrication industry. David Ferguson has been to over 100 manufacturing companies helping and guiding them to be more efficient and cost effective. As a child in Junior High School David Ferguson found a passion for the early computer systems, which would drive much of his future work. David Ferguson created and sold his first computer program, Arrow Data Systems, which was an early CAD/CAM system for the Apple 2e Computer. In the late 1980's after seeing his father (a sheet metal manufacturer) come home many nights estimating, David Ferguson saw an opportunity to optimize his effort through computer technology. Shortly thereafter the FabriTRAK Production Control package was developed. The Quote It! estimating package was developed out of the FabriTRAK system to become one of the leading sheet metal estimating packages in the world. David Ferguson has always had a passion for developing software to make the manufacturing process simpler, faster and more efficient. Prior to founding MIE Solutions David Ferguson worked with his father at Alco Sheet Metal, METALSOFT Inc. and was a consultant at Toyota Motors Sales. David Ferguson has his Masters in Computer Science and Mathematics from California State University, Long Beach.

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  1. Just wonder if you have any Estimating Software Guide for a Loacl comapany in Singapore doing Steel Fabrications Jobs on Offshore and Marine going to Brazil – Rio de Janeiro .
    Or how do we goes about to make a preliminary cost budgeting if a set up going to be .


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