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2018 MIE Solutions Scholarship Winners Announced

Posted by MIE Solutions Marketing on Sep 19, 2018 12:33:42 PM

2018 MIE Solutions Scholarship Winners Announced!


We are happy to announce that this year, MIE Solutions has selected three students to be the recipients of the 2018 MIE Solutions Scholarship! This scholarship awarded $500 to each student. The selected students followed the requirements laid out on our website and wrote an essay about their college experience in computer science and engineering as well as their goals for the future. These three recipients are very deserving of this scholarship and we hope that their passion for computer science and engineering takes them to incredible places throughout their careers.


Below, we have included a summary of each recipient’s essay, so please take a moment to read about these amazing students and their post-graduation goals!


Abdullah Alsindy


From a young age, Abdullah loved learning how things work and at the age of 10, was introduced to the amazing world of technology when his family got their first PC. He eventually taught himself the basics of programming and, at a young age, even became a self-taught cybersecurity engineer. He is now attending the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs and is in his final year of undergraduate studies. During his college career, Abdullah has had the opportunity to work for, and intern with, Lockheed Martin, a top government contractor; there, he was able to work with systems engineers and other professionals to develop his Python scripting skills and Linux server automation. Abdullah’s goal is to work full-time for Lockheed Martin and utilize his skills to provide an efficient and safe environment for society through cybersecurity. As a company that spends much of its time on computers, MIE Solutions appreciates Abdullah’s passion to provide and improve cybersecurity!


Daijon Bereola-Carson


Howard University sophomore, Daijon Bereola-Carson, is working hard to obtain his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science to, one day, give back to his community. In his first year at Howard University, he participated in seminars hosted by Google and Facebook, attended monthly meetings with the National Society of Black Engineers, and competed in several hackathons. One hackathon, hosted by The Association of Computer Machinery and Google, allowed Daijon the opportunity to improve an app that he had conceptualized during a summer computer science program; he has been encouraged to continue working on this app outside of competitions and projects due to popular demand. One of Daijon’s long-term goals is to start a software company that seeks to employ underrepresented minorities and encourage young minorities to pursue careers in the field of technology. MIE Solutions wishes Daijon the best in these, and all future, endeavors! We hope that, one day, our company will be filled with individuals who have been encouraged and mentored by Daijon and his future associates!


Andrew Simonetta


In his high school’s Visual Basics class, Andrew found a passion for computer science. It was in this class that he worked day and night to develop a full-fledged RPG (Role-Playing Game) instead of the simple maze game that was expected of him and his classmates. Even today, his high school teacher uses his game as a teaching mechanism in her class. His life revolves around programming, where he uses C#, Java, Networking, C++, and Ruby. It was during his studies at Onondaga Community College that he took a physics course he believed would help him get into a proper 4-year university and where he also discovered a fascination with coffee. This fascination helped him get through some of his tougher courses in school (as I’m sure many college students can attest to). Through his studies and academic achievements at Onondaga Community College, he was accepted into Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. After graduation, Andrew will be pursuing a role in the NSA in order to “have the greatest impact on promoting a free democratic future for all”. MIE Solutions wishes him the best of luck with his pursuits and appreciates his dedication to his goals!


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