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Quick Tip: Excel to ERP

Posted by MIE Solutions on Aug 23, 2016 9:00:07 AM

Making The Move From Excel Spreadsheets to ERP



Is this you?

  • You are using Excel Spreadsheets to track everything from quotes to materials.
  • You have multiple spreadsheets filled with formulas, tables, and pricing models.
  • You have accidentally deleted your Excel spreadsheet, losing all recent changes.


Don’t worry, most of our clients were in the same boat at one time. Excel Spreadsheets and QuickBooks can be a simple and efficient way to automate information.

Excel-Excel to ERP.jpg

Oftentimes, manufacturers that have an existing ERP system still use Excel to supplement the areas their ERP system doesn’t cover. Typing information into an Excel spreadsheet was so much easier than writing it out by hand, which made it the new “normal”. However, as a company grows, typing everything out when there are automated options, now makes Excel less efficient.

If this sounds like you, we can help.



Think about it, if you can only write your quotes in Excel, then…

  • You probably have to manually create sales orders from quotes
  • Finding your quotes may be time-consuming
  • You are probably creating reports, sheet-by-sheet
  • You probably manage your inventory by manually updating your information every time



Dashboard- Excel to ERP.png

With an ERP system, you can track your information in real-time without the use of multiple spreadsheets. Because of ERP you can now:

  1. Automate your sales order creation
  2. Search efficiently for data (including inventory) and easily share this data between departments
  3. Eliminate wasted time that is a result of double data entry and mistakes


Best of all, you can generate real-time dashboards and gain visibility of what’s happening in your shop.

There are many more benefits to ERP software, but the bottom line is that it allows you to use the data you are already collecting to develop a better, more efficient solution to growing your business.


Should You Implement ERP? E-book

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