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Quick Tip: Preparing Your Company for ERP

Posted by MIE Solutions on Oct 18, 2016 5:00:04 AM

How to Prepare Your Company for ERP Success





So, you have made the decision to purchase a new ERP system. Congratulations, the hardest part is now over! It can be overwhelming as a first-time ERP buyer or for someone who has been using the same software for years. It is now time to prepare your company for ERP success.




What are some steps to take to make sure you  prepare your company for ERP success?


According to Software Advice...

The Top 5 Reasons ERP Implementations Fail:

  1. Setting unrealistic expectations
  2. Failure to manage organizational change
  3. Not involving key stakeholders
  4. Poor project management
  5. Failure to manage business benefits


So, how can you ensure your company’s success when 60% of implementations fail?


  • What goals are you planning to achieve with your ERP purchase?
  • Who on your executive team is committed to the implementation?
  • Do you know the implementation plan after the purchase?


When implemented correctly, an ERP system increases efficiency and reduces transactional costs through automation. It establishes a streamlined process, to re-engineer your company to become the best it can be.


To continue to improve, you need to know what processes are working best and which aren’t. You need to create goals and determine how committed you are to completing them.


It also takes strong leadership to keep things on track and hold people accountable for learning and implementing the solution you purchased, to reap the benefits.


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Everyone may be excited when you decide to invest in ERP software but, keep in mind that your team still has to manage the same workload during implementation; because of this, things can get backed up.


A good rule of thumb: Dedicate 20% of your time to ERP installation and implementation.


That means, in a given 40-hour work week, we suggest scheduling 8 hours a week to install, implement, and learn the program.


Lastly, you need to know how your software will be implemented and supported.


A good ERP company implements, a great ERP company becomes your partner.


A great ERP company is your partner for (and during) growth. They will provide you with support, training, and a clear guide of what to expect during implementation.


As your business grows, your software tools should grow with you. Great ERP companies understand that and consistently help you develop better processes and better solutions to help you maximize your ROI.


Implementation Best Practices


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